Monday-Friday 08:00-23:00, Saturday 11:00-20:00, Sunday closed

Planet Fitness subscriptions

 Duration of membership  Service  Cost
 Montly  Exercise machines, Groups, Sauna* 50,00€
 Three months  Services provided in monthly membership 125,00€
 Six months  Services provided in monthly membership 230,00€
 Annual  No ‘freezing’ in between 329,00€
 Annual  Two-month ‘freezing’ 370,00€
 Montly  Planet Pilates / Yoga              45,00€

Student subscriptions

 Duration of membership  Service  Cost
 Monthly for students  8 times per month 30,00€
 Monthly  Exercise machines, Groups, Sauna 45,00€
 Three months  Services provided in monthly membership 115,00€
 Six months  Services provided in monthly membership 210,00€
 Annual  No ‘freezing’ in between 309,00€
 Annual  Two-month ‘freezing’              340,00€
 Reduced attendances  Planet Pilates / Yoga 15 / 30 / 80,00€

Extra services

 Duration of membership  Service  Cost
 Spinning per session  Active Members** 3,00€
 Spinning training  Non-active members 8,00€
 Daily training  Non-active members 10,00€
 Fat measurement  Both active and non-active members 15,00€
 Sauna  Non-active members (free for active membersonce a week) 15,00€
  1. The use of the sauna is valid once a week, for each member
  2. With each renewal of your subscription, gift a spinning workout
  3. Monthly subscription freeze is valid for monthly, quarterly and semi-annual subscriptions

Planet Fitness: MILESTONES

  • 2001 startup
  • 2004 premises expansion to 930m
  • 2014 introducing spinning
  • 2015 cooperation with Concept Company
  • 2016 cooperation with Polar (Polar Team Solution)


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