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Period 2021 - 2022
Individual training programs (Personal Training)

Improve your health and fitness with safe and effective training under the guidance of a scientifically trained personal trainer.

Personal training is a specialized way of exercising, which helps you achieve your personal goals, through exercise, nutrition and proper knowledge, leading to maximum results in a minimum of time.

Individual programs aim directly and effectively at:

  • increasing the athlete’s power
  • The reduction of body fat
  • Improving the endurance
  • The increase of muscle mass

It is highly important to mention that in individual training programs that the duration of the program can be adjusted to the available time of each trainee.

It should be noted that the control of the physical condition of the athletes is achieved in a scientific way, since ‘Planet Fitness’ cooperates with the world-renowned company ‘Polar’ through the Polar Team Solution system and the Viport Active machine.

Planet Fitness: MILESTONES

  • 2001 startup
  • 2004 premises expansion to 930m
  • 2014 introducing spinning
  • 2015 cooperation with Concept Company
  • 2016 cooperation with Polar (Polar Team Solution)


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