Group Programs

Ομαδικά προγράμματα του γυμναστηρίου Planet fitness

At Planet fitness gym you will find a wide variety of group programs to find the one that suits your needs.

Programs are divided into 4 zones (see details below) and are properly combined into a weekly round, fully covering even the most demanding of our athletes.

In each group program there is a specialized trainer (instructor) that guides athletes in order to do exercises correctly and safely, while at the same time urges motivating athletes to successfully complete the exercises.

Within its continuous effort to upgrade the services offered, Planet fitness cooperates with the following Star trac companies (fitathlon cross training & Spinner - Spinning bike), Gymstick and Polar

1) Muscle toning - toning - empowerment:

Brazilian glute: Firming and lifting the gluteal muscles
Planet Total Body: Tightening and strengthening of all body muscles
Trx: Alternative work-out, strengthening of all muscle groups using special belts
Planet tone: Full tightening of the muscle groups of the body, using belts, dumbbells, ground exercises
Planet abs: Intensive training program of the abdominal and back muscles with specific ground exercises
Planet power: Intense fitness program for all muscle groups using specific bars and discs

For the new program please contact with us

2) Fat burning - cardiovascular:

Planet aerobic: Fat burning through aerial dance program with elements of intermittent exercise
Tumbao: Combining of aerobic moves with dance techniques that help body to express
Spinning: Intensive form of aerobics with the use of special stationary bicycle spinning bikes

3) Tightening - toning - fat burning:

Planet cardio: First half dance aerobics, second half tightening exercises
Planet Fitathlon: Cross training for maximizing your fitness
Raw hiit: Intense aerobic, anaerobic exercise, combined exercises using body weight

4) Flexibility - balance- toning:

Planet Pilates: Pilates program using Swiss balls, special tires, rings and body weight
Planet yoga: yoga program aiming at tightening through flexibility and isometric exercises

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